What is Loss?

What is Loss?.


What is Loss?

Loss is often associated with death or the end of a relationship.  In all honestly loss can be defined as separation from something or someone (often not by choice) that is identified as significant.  Most if not all people worldwide have suffer some from some type of loss, however the ones that are most difficult to forget is associated with something tangible.  Have you ever separated from a significant other but can still feel their touch or loss a loved one ut can still smell their scent.  Loss is something that is not permanent because the memories are ever-present and alive in our heart, mind and soul.  I believed that’s why you can love someone or something to death because once a connection has occurred it will literally take an act of God to sever the tie.  So what are examples of loss?

  • opportunity
  • divorce
  • death
  • moves/separation
  • dependence/independence
  • the ability to tell your story the way it impacts you
  • space
  • identity
  • childhood innocence
  • self
  • mind
  • self worth/value/esteem
  • voice
  • purpose/drive/motivation
  • experience

In thinking about loss, have you ever consider the things above? Are you able to share some of your loss throughout your life?