Not Just Your Regular Type of Grief

Loss is very difficult.

LaQuita Suggs, LCSW

It is really hard to phantom the concept of living through a traumatic death. The grief process is far more complex when the loss is sudden, abrupt and without warning. The difference between normal grief and traumatic grief is the type of loss, the intensity of the loss and the lack of forewarning. Some of the things that I have experienced with the traumatic murder of my mother is:

  • loss of control
  • Confusion
  • Struggles with being happy and merely existing
  • Desperation and yearning
  • Agony and despair

One of my greatest struggles have been with people-and their need to box my grief in because of their inability to respond to me. Moreover I learned that when people are uncomfortable with your experience that they will either (1) reduce your experience or (2) they will pathologize you and your entire grief process. This may be done in love, but the tends to…

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